About Christina

Christina has been a make-up artist for 24 years.  It was a natural progression to a career that began with specializing in hair cutting. However, after completing Cosmetology School, she developed a skin allergy to hair colorants, cleansers and styling products.  This has led Christina to an increased awareness of beauty products, health and nutrition and throughout the years, she has focused on using non-toxic and low-toxicity products both personally and professionally.  

In her long career, she has worked with fellow creatives such as Anne Menke, Julien Capmeil, Amanda Pratt, Kate Powers, Greg Sorensen, Todd Marshard, Brian Doben, Hans Feuer, Daniela Federici, Chloe Mallet, Cleo Sullivan, Carlos Serrao, Daymion Mardel, Thomas Hoeffgan, Chris Craymer, Sarah Silver and so many others. 

Her client roster includes several International Vogues, Vera Bradley, Anthropology, Macys, Marie Claire, Bloomingdales, Target, Gap, Glamour, Nike, Numéro, Crest, Pepsi, Elizabeth Arden, Smirnoff, Nine West, and Untitled Land's End, Eddie Bauer and Nordstroms to name a few.

She has worked celebrities such as Rachel McAdams, Minnie Driver, Ben Stiller, Jennifer Westfeld, Jon Hamm, Rie Rasmussen and Lauren Hutton.

She resides in the beautiful Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with her partner, Julien and 7 year old son, Jake.