• Platinum


    Bob's Milkshake

    3 years ago, Platinum FMD began developing a new project set to launch at the beginning of 2017. We broadened our artistry to include the medium of film, more specifically, tabletop movies. Surpassing all expectations, this project has produced a "premature baby" that is beautiful and fills us with pride. For about a month and a half, in partnership with the NBS Agency, we've been producing a tabletop movie and signature for Bob's Milkshake. It began running on TV last Friday. Here is the Director's Cut. We hope you like it: a lot more is about to come!



    Platinum FMD Leonardo Vilela, Andre Regnier, Flavio Albino, Luciano Honorato

    Editor Allan Branco

    Food Stylist Diru

    Sound Design Beethoven Studio

    NBS Agency Antonia Zobaran, Renato Garden, Andre HAVT Marcello Noronha, Carlos Andre Eyer, Andre Lima, Myriam Gallagher, Camila Faus, Rafaella Leme

    September 27, 2016