• Richard Seymour


    BMW LDC1

    Concept designed as a lockdown project by Max Shkinder Senior Creative Designer at McLaren Automotive and Jean-Marc Campagna, Senior Digital Surface Modeller at Lucid MotorsBrought to reality here in this stunning futuristic photography by Richard Seymour.

    Shot on location in Scotland at the new V&A museum in Dundee and at Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

    Max and Jean-Marc decided to develop a concept that Max had sketched in his free time back in 2019: a wacky BMW speedster race car. Jean-Marc would experiment new shapes and proportions in 3D, Max would continue refining and maturing his vision through sketches based on the 3D model and feeding them back to Jean-Marc until both were satisfied with the general look of the vehicle. Finally, a whole range of small details was designed and modelled, ranging from seat bucks to grille meshes and gas rams. The LDC1 has big vents, a long bonnet covering a big petrol engine, massive exhaust tips and a visible tube frame; this is a car that comes with all the analog feel, noise, vibration and smells that characterised the most celebrated and romantic racing cars in history.

    As electric cars take their rightful place as the future of motoring this is one last hurrah for petrol driven concept cars.

    CG rendering by Vitali Enes at www.raw-concept.de

    Retouching and photo concept enhancement by Nick Humphrieswww.nickhumphries.net
    November 9, 2021