About The Brinsons

The Brinsons have been collaborating creatively for over 20 years. William and Susan met in high school, then attended Savannah College of Art and Design. William has a degree in photography, and Susan in design. After moving to NYC they each had their careers in their individual fields and began dabbling with the idea of working together as a team. They began working on their blog, House of Brinson and defined what would become their careers by shaping a creative, collaborative team. Over the next five years, their creative relationship evolved into them working full time on projects together.


The Brinsons are the perfect combination of formally educated and self taught. William began his career directly after college and has over 15 years experience as a commercial photographer. Susan spent 12 years in the advertising industry as design director. She started photographing with William behind the scenes for their blog. In 2014, they ditched convention and began directing photographing together commercially. Different approaches create a unique shared vision.


Crafting a beautiful life and living intentionally is the soul of House of Brinson. The blog started in 2009, and when the Brinson’s decided to move to the Hudson Valley, social media took note. The on-going renovation project of the dilapidated mansion, Stony Ford, has an audience of over 120,000 people waiting for the next reveal. Visit House of Brinson for food, interiors, lifestyle and old home renovation.