About Platinum

Platinum was established in 1991 after photographer Leonardo Vilela returned from Paris, where he studied photography and honed his skills and knowledge of CGI, an industry still in its infancy at that time. Over the years, with his work gaining each time more visibility and recognition, designer Flavio Albino, a key recurring collaborator, became the new partner responsible for the postproduction area. By 2001, having already gained a reputation of quality and innovation in the conception of images for the publishing market, Platinum partners decided to further broaden its horizons by creating a 3-D area under the command of illustrator Luciano Honorato, who also became a partner in the company.

The never ending search for new tools and possibilities for image creation came to the define the hallmark of the studio in Brazil and in the whole world, as many of its jobs earned Awards by renowned Publicity festivals - Cannes, Clio, NYF, CCSP, OJO Latin America, Archive covers, EPICA - while one of the award winning images was granted a permanent exposition at the museum of louvre. Now, in 2017, after 25 years of excellence in image production, Platinum took a further step to broaden its solutions portfolio and brought André Régnier, with 22 years of experience in the creation of advertising jobs, as a new partner. The crew was also improved with a T.I specialist Daniel Porto who since 2013, working with motion control and high-speed image capture.

Together with the other partners they bring together their talents to create Platinum Films, a new venture that brings the same world quality image creation capabilities to the production of movies, specially tabletops. 

In less than a year of existence, this new enterprise has already produced outstanding work for companies such as Bob’s, Petrobras and Cervejaria Itaipava. After a long time of studying planning, investing in professionals and infrastructure, Platinum is ready to offer its philosophy of tailor-made solutions to the broad range of needs of its clients, bringing together endless possibilities of partnerships with brands, agencies etc.

The search for innovation and for a singular esthetic will always be among Platinum main goals for either astatic images or moving ones.