About Niv

My name is Niv Shank and I'm a photographer and filmmaker originally from Israel, where I spent my early years growing up in a small desert town, by the dead sea.

I grew up in a multi cultural home, with an Eastern European father and a Middle Eastern mother. Both inspired me to explore cultures, places, languages and people as a way of life.

I discovered early on that photography was the perfect way to explore the world and different cultures. Since picking up a camera, I have never stopped documenting my world.

Photography is the perfect artistic expression for me. I've found that it's the in-between moments when my subjects relax that I am able to capture the most authentic moments. That's what I love.

I love to travel, and my first stop was Italy.

I spent two years touring Europe, shooting and absorbing the cultures. My time spent in these places has had a huge impact on my work.

I'm following my vision to create images that are inspired from life, real people, candid moments, landscapes and memories.

I work mostly on location and I always shoot with a narrative in mind. I take great satisfaction in creating a fresh experience with each of my subjects.

I feel indebted to all the wonderful people I have photographed for their role in my career and life.

I thank you all, and those yet to come, for being part of my continuing journey and hope to be a part of yours.

Commissions: Adam&Eve, DDB, Deutsche Telekom, BETC Paris, Bouygues telecom, Skoda, OptimistThjnk, Y&R, 180LA, Axe, Unilever, Lacoste, BBH Lonodon, Trivago, The Martin Agency, Portrait Of Humanity, Bully pictures, Katy Perry, Italian vogue, Icon magazine, Attitude Magazine, Liberation Next, L'Express styles, Nylon Magazine, Out Magazine, The Hollywood reporter magazine, BoyBoyBoys Magazine, Arena Magazine, Wul Magazine, Lewis Magazine, Vanity Teen magazine, Hello Mr magazine, Damaged magazine, Lens culture magazine, Dapper Taper magazine, Carbon CC Magazine, Zalando, Capitol Records, Emi Records, People Revolution, Misha Nonoo, Buro 24/7, Ace hotel, 99 cent, Oro gold cosmetics, New York city opera, Kindred health care, University of Phoenix, Lucile foundation.

Awards: Portrait Of Humanity winners 2021, Lurzer's archive - The 200 best Ad photographers 2020/2021