About Chris

Inspired by street style, quirky expression, and true love, Chris Craymer’s vision of the world is populated by beautiful individuals, full of wit and whimsy. His work celebrates real stories and captures them all with the unabashed joy of a first kiss or romantic adventure.

Chris is equally at home in the world of film as he is in the world is stills. A native Londoner, Chris has never stopped expanding his personal artistic boundaries. His fashion work is as evocative as his portraits, both giving the viewer a way to connect with his subjects in a sensitive and genuine way, whether they be a top model, working artist, seasoned actor, or group of friends just hanging out. His work transcends trends, designing unexpected moments filled with sass, charm, an approachable sexiness, and an all-inclusive notion of love and style.

On set, Chris’ high-energy personality and positive attitude are infectious and bring everyone to ease. He talks to his subjects, laughs with them, and engages them beyond his lens, as evident in the spontaneous and authentic feel of his imagery. Chris has easily transitioned into film, directing broadcast commercials and personal projects in his same aspirational style with a unique talent for bringing out great performances from his cast.

In addition to collaborating with numerous editorial clients and global brands, he has also published three books: the first, entitled, "Romance," is a glimpse into the romantic lives of real couples found throughout his worldwide travels. His second book, "In London," is a portraiture series exploring subjects who make up the heart of the titular city. His most recent book, "From The Heart," examines 12 people who inspire him in photo essay style. Chris also interviewed each subject and wrote the words.

In the future, Chris will continue capturing the dynamic stories of real people, models, celebrities, and global brands, sharing his uniquely British love for individual style with the world. Surrounded by an extensive library of photography books and an ever-expanding collection of vintage eyeglasses, Chris is based in New York but lives by the beach with his wife and two children and feels blessed to truly love what he does each and every day.