About Alexandra

Born and raised in New York City, Alexandra Rowley is an award-winning photographer and artist whose work has been exhibited internationally in solo and group shows at galleries as well as art foundations. Her commercial clients have included Levi's, Land's End, NYC & Company, Kinder Modern, Target, Tate's Bake Shop, Waterworks, PHLUR and Berte, while her editorial images have appeared in such publications as Architectural Digest, Food & Wine, Oprah, HGTV, Real Simple, Inc. and Curio.

Whether shooting her personal artwork, the portrait of a celebrated visionary, an interior for an editorial client, or product for a consumer brand, Alexandra brings a powerful, sophisticated sense of humanity to her images. Her photographs tell engaging stories of people, of places, of things with nuance and lyricism. She possesses an unrelenting curiosity and has a deep respect for creative work and process, all of which is reflected in the images she makes. For high-level commercial collaborations, she brings a thoughtful approach and unique perspective to every project, assembling teams of top creatives to envision and execute concept with both intellect and skill.

Deeply knowledgeable about both the history and technical aspects of photography, Alexandra has a light-flled studio in Long Island City where she often works when not on location. She is on the faculty at the International School of Photography and is a member of the Female Design Council. She has served on the board of the Humane Society of New York since 2004, has volunteered her creativity to help the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) since 2013, and she joined the NY Advisory Council of the National Democratic Institute in 2017. Alexandra lives with her husband, writer and editor Stephen Wallis, and their son in Manhattan.